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Session in a Bottle

By Swim for Tri


The Session in a Bottle is a perfect tool for anyone looking to train on there own but still follow a well developed training plan that can be tailored to athletes of all abilities. One version is focused on the technical aspects of freestyle with well laid out drill progressions while the other focuses on aerobic development with challenging sessions up to 4.5km in length. In two bottles you have an expertly devised training plan that can help triathletes and swimmers get through anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks without letting your training get boring or stale. Also keeps you from having to bring your phone pool side, or worse printed paper that always ends up in a soggy ball in the gutter.

T. Bram Montgomery
Head Coach, Brompton SC
2014 Junior Coach of the Year, London Region
2016 Senior Coach of the Year, London Region

SFT very kindly gave me a few of these bottles to try and i have to say that I am really impressed! Quality is amazing, very durable, easy to read - even with goggles on and what an amazing idea! I wish i had thought of it. I even gave some to my athletes that i coach to get their feedback and they wouldn’t give them back to me! They absolutely loved the concept, worked brilliantly for their swim sets and no more wet soggy pieces of paper on poolside! Better still the variation and different combinations that you can use are simply brilliant, you never have to swim the same set twice! Now all i need to do is somehow get them back from them!

Duncan Grainge
Head Coach of Sisu Racing

I’ve found the session in a bottle really useful, it’s always good to have some inspiration on hand and I also adapted it to open water - useful for those lockdown moments when you suddenly find yourself outdoors unexpectedly and without a session plan. Having the drills written out in front of you also reduces the temptation to skip them and go straight to the main set!

Frankie Sanjana
Pro Ironman – Winner of 70.3 France 2019

The ability to construct a session can challenge even the best coaches in the world in any sport and at all levels. Dan and the team at Swim for Tri have taken this strain for you and developed and delivered what is, to my mind, inspired informed simplicity.
We all love and need a water bottle right? – one that delivers great sessions too . . . . . genius
The mix of sessions across the 4 categories delivers a multitude of opportunities to not only keep your swimming varied but to ensure that the structure and intent of each set really delivers the very best ‘bang for the swim’. Dan’s technical focus is impeccable – just watch YouTube clips of his world leading delivery of drills – but also his ability to structure a session to deliver exactly what is required against your particular focus (Olympic / Longer Distance / Technique) is unrivalled
I’ve been a swim swimmer (representative honours for GB and England including Commonwealth Games in my ‘prime’, masters and open water participation now and a keen (amateur) coach to Masters and Triathletes) for pretty much all of my life and these bottles SO hit the mark for me – variety, structure, simplicity and also holds my drink! What more can you ask?!
Congratulations to Dan and the team – inspired informed simplicity and I for one am a huge fan

SFT have been inspiring swimmers around the world for years. Having experienced first hand their 121 coaching, swim camps and OYO options, I was excited to try their ‘sessioninabottle’.
Whether swimming alone, as a group, in the pool or open water I found this ‘ bit of Kit’ an innovative way to keep your training on track. There are so many session options when today’s circumstances or busy lives keep us from those valuable squad swims.
A sound investment at under £30 for the whole set. No more plodding up and down the pool wondering what shall I do next. There is always something to ‘spice up ‘ your swim. And I just love those colours!

Boo Smith
Hillingdon triathletes swim coach
Level 2 open water coach
Kona qualifier
British triathlon Age group champion
Team Erdinger Alkoholfrei

We were spoiled for choice when we received our multi coloured session bottles. But what a difference they have made to our swims ! No more arguments or faf about the plan or main set . Just pick a session and get on with it ... fantastic product.

Ben Price, Elite Triathlete
Tri Coach at JUST DO TRI
Bike Fitter, Swim Coach -Club La Santa

As an ex-swimmer turned part time swimming coach, I was suitably impressed when I came across the Swim Session in a Bottle idea!
There are many swimmers out there, both young and old that don't have access to coaching or coaching sessions. The session in a bottle provides this group with the ability to show up at the pool with a pre-written swim session, without the need for a coach (especially great for those lunch time public swim sessions!).

Another advantage is the range of swim sets and sessions included across the 4 coloured bottles. You can take the green bottle when you are looking to improve technique or if getting some distance under your belt is your thing, swap it for a pink one! Great idea guys well done!!

Dan Smith BSc (Hons) MCSP HCPCR
Clinic Director and Physiotherapist
Physio at Sports and Spinal