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Session in a Bottle

By Swim for Tri


Here are the recommended drills from the Warmup/Subset and Swimdown sections of each of the bottles.

These movements have been meticulously thought through and will get you ready to swim the mainset most effectively with some skills and drills and the HR being elevated through some faster swimming in the subset.

The swimdown was carefully prepared in order to polish and restore a tired stroke post mainset and have you leave the pool with your technique in the best possible shape ahead of your next session.

1 Bottle: £12

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Club rates can apply.

SWIM FCSome technical points to keep in mind.

PULLIsolate the arms with a pull buoy.

KICKLegs only FC kick, with or without a float.

A useful drill to promote pulling with the forearm.

SFT SWIM DOWNBy using all your swim aids we artificially restore your swim technique.

Here are the specific drills and skills that you should be familiar with that accompany the Tech Bottle.
Make the drills easier with fins, most body position drills work the legs so without fins accuracy is not going to be easy to achieve.

Body PositionLooking to align the body, ankles, hips, shoulders and head horizontally from a side profile.

Extension Switching.

Torpedo on Back.

Clock Drill/Extension with Arm up.

Feel for the WaterDrills that make the water feel more solid for the hands will really help.

Single Fist.


Mo Fist Clenched.

LegsTry to avoid sinking the body by kicking up and down from the knee. Kick from the hips with loose ankles.

Glute Kick.

Flat Float Swim.

Submerged Kick.

ArmsKeep in mind we are always trying to pull with the hand and forearm, sending water back towards the feet, never down to the bottom of the pool.

Catch up.

Pull buoy at Ankles.

Thumbcatch Variations.

CouplingDrills to help you combine the arms, kick, rotation and breathing.

Advanced Single Arm.

Single Fin Single Paddle.

SUB Single Arm.

BreathingAim to keep the head still unless turning to breathe or lifting to sight. Breathe as low as conditions allow. You cannot always keep the lower goggle submerged in openwater.

Traditional Single Arm.

Torpedo Face down.

Extension Drill.