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Other Length Pools

So the bottles at the moment are designed for a 25m pool. Sorry about that if you swim otherwise or in yards in the USA. What can you do to still make them useful in other length pools?

1 Bottle: £9 - £12

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Club rates can apply.

20m poolsThese are quite common in the UK in gyms and converting to 5 lengths to 100m should not impact the sessions too much. You will still cover similar distances. If asked to swim 100m with the first two lengths with a pull-buoy now the pull-buoy is going to be at the wrong end when you push off for the start of the next swim from the other end.

If you only swim the first 2lengths with a pull buoy distances will be slightly out so better to swim 100m as (2lengths pull, 3lengths FC) then 100m as (2 lengths FC into 3 lengths Pull.) to keep the ratio of pull & FC balanced.

This will stack the pull lengths on top of each other so not ideal but not terrible! Maybe on your even swims perform the 1st length FC then Pull on lengths 2&3 finishing with lengths 4&5 as FC. You might insert a length of legs crossed pull to focus the arms even more before picking up your pull buoy on lengths 2&3 then finishing normal FC.

25yardsThese are popular in the USA and a distance I loved racing when I swam in the Mid American Conference for Ohio University. 4 lengths to 100yards leaves you just 10% short compared to metres. 8x200m will deliver 1600m of swimming, in a yards pool only 1600yards which is about 160m short of the desired distance. Adding another 200y swim will balance this nicely.
10 x 100 swims in yards should actually be 11 swims to balance the metres distance.
6 x 400 swims in yards to equal a similar distance in metres you could add a half swim to get your 2400m.

33m poolThis is the old favoured UK length that seems to be dying out but was popular at Speedo League Galas growing up and racing for our old Swim Club. 3 lengths to 100m will now need some thinking about.
Any set that includes 1lengths will be just 8m more so that is not too bad. Equally 2lengths for 66m is not too much over. So if asked for 8 rounds of 50m you would now swim 6x66m and still cover approximately 400m.

50m poolThe drills bottle focuses on a 50m mainset so now instead of performing a drill twice from two push offs within your 50m if in a 25m pool you only get 1 shot at the drill. I believe it better to perform the drill from a strong push off so the increased momentum helps your body position. If you wear fins you might be able to create an accurate drill position mid pool with some focus if you stop your full stroke and switch to drill but you will really need to focus on setting a good body position.

Big Lidos 60m PlusThese are usually not heated so not a great place for fitness swimming and in the summer when it is warm will be full of beach balls and suncream! Just kidding - just email me for some ideas - dan@swimfortri.com