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Swim Drills

Swim drills will restrict bad habits, encourage better technique and help you develop correct movements in the water. Unlike many land based sports adding strength and fitness will not necessarily make you faster. Swimming is highly technical and incorrect movements will suffer a double whammy of helping to sink you while needing more energy and oxygen than was necessary if utilising correct movements. Better technique will also lower the incidence of injury.

Make use of the drills videos page before taking your bottle poolside so you are familiar with the movements.
Over the past 20yrs of teaching adults to swim faster these are our favourite drills that will help you swim more efficiently, improve your streamline, lower drag and improve propulsion.
The idea of swimming 5-10m of a certain drill and then finishing the length full stroke is key. It will have the new, refined body position worked on in the drill, flow into the full stroke. Effects are quick and improvements fast.
If you cannot wear fins try the drill for 5m instead of 10m and use the speed of a good streamlined 'push off’ from the wall help and use the momentum to assist the drill.

When is comes to the final block of work try 50% without fins even if you are allowed to wear them.

ie Swim 12x50m, rest 15, performing 10m of drill off each wall (4x50m of each drill.)
You could mix this so you swam 50m with Drill 1, then 50m with Drill 2 then 3 and then repeat the sequence 4 times for 12x50m in total.

To make the session longer and target all areas of your stroke you can always read across the sessions.

ie Session 1 would include
8x 25m Single Arm/ Torpedo on Back/ Glute Kick/ Thumbcatch/ Single Fist/Sub Single Arm

The drills sessions are broken into these key areas to quickly id problem areas.
Body Position
Leg Kick
Arm Pull
Feel for water
Coupling/Timing bringing it all together.

Some of the drills can be done without fins and could be swum for a whole length, most drills that include some arm movements will work well without fins. Do not be afraid of using your fins on the slower drills as they will help you sit higher in the water and improve your accuracy of the movements.

1 Bottle: £9 - £12

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