Run Run

Session in a Bottle

By Swim for Tri

The Sessions

Testing for 10 Kilometre Speed
Advice for finding the SP, make use of the warm up and cool down so this is a stand alone session ahead of starting the 6 sessions in the plan.
Run for 15 minutes as hard as you can - on a running track if possible.
(take exact distance covered e.g. 3000 metres)

The Programme
1 Run twice the distance (e.g.6000 metres) in double the time plus 10% or 3 minutes (eg 33 minutes). Aim to reduce this by 1 minute every 6 weeks.
This session should be done twice within each block of training.
2 Run half the distance (e.g.1500 metres) in half the time 7.5 minutes with 1 minute rest between the 3 efforts. You may need to take more rest to begin with on this programme. Aim to reduce the time or increase the distance by 15 - 20 seconds or 70 - 100 metres every 6 weeks.
3 Find 400 metre pace from the timed run. (E.g. 2 minutes for each 400 metres.) Halve this ( 60 seconds) and take off another 8 seconds to find 200 metre pace ( 52 seconds). Run a series of 200 metres in 52 seconds with reducing rest. Start at 90 seconds, then 75, 60, 45, 30, 15 seconds; start again at 90 seconds and keep going until you can’t maintain 52 second pace.
4 Run over distance. Start at 10K plus a third (8 miles) and gradually work up to double the distance (12 miles). Do not run hard.
5 Hills / resistance and strength work. Run 10K with half of the distance (5K) up hills. If this is not possible, do hill repetitions. Work hard on the hills and jog the recovery.

With two runs being done on session one, there are 6 sessions in all before the phase is repeated. For example, if the athlete runs three time each week, the entire programme is repeated three times before re-testing is done at the end of a six week period.

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